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Linode is a top-class unmanaged cloud VPS hosting service provider. It has 40+ cloud VPS plans and an excellent infrastructure, which comprises 11 data centers and powerful servers with the latest hardware. Leading CDN and security infrastructure service provider Akamai bought it for 900 million dollars in 2022.

Although Linode is a great company, if someone had asked you to host your WordPress site on its servers and you did so, now you’re unable to handle the command Linux operating system, or you’re unable to make changes to the configuration files due to lack of knowledge of Linux commands, you should switch to a beginner-friendly cloud hosting company.

If you’ve been using Linode for a while and want to cut down the cost of owning a website, you can move your websites to other cloud hosting service providers and reduce the bill. Other reasons to buy hosting from other companies are as follows:

Backups are optional. If you enable backups, you’ll be charged extra money. The VPS plans of most of the Linode alternative companies we’ve shared here support on-demand backup/restore, or the servers may be pre-configured to back up your DB/files automatically every day.

Emails and SSL certificates: Most of the companies we’ve shared here will let users create email addresses and enable SSL certificates for their sites with their graphical user interface.

Uptime: Your site will be running on the servers of the firms we’ve shared below. The server uptime is 99.8, 99.9, or 100%.

Here are the six great budget cloud hosting service providers you can use:

Linode alternatives

HostGator Cloud

HostGator’s Cloud plans are incredibly cheap, and users also get free access to the cPanel tool for installing and managing their WordPress sites. The firm enables you to activate an SSL certificate with the click of a button. With Linode, you must install an SSL certificate manually by following the instructions. The company’s plans don’t come with a free domain. With HG cloud plans, you’ll get a free domain. Caching is enabled on HostGator Cloud servers by default. Thus, your site will be fast, and you won’t have to install and use caching plugins. On Linode, you must install the email server/mail transfer agent manually. The email server will consume your server’s RAM and CPU. With HG Cloud plans, you get a free business email ID. Here are the three cloud VPS plans of HostGator:

Hatchling Cloud2GB RAM/2-core processor
Baby Cloud4GB RAM & 4-core processor
Business Cloud6GB RAM & 6 core processor

Dreamhost cloud

DreamHost cloud VPS plans, aka DreamCompute, offer six plans – gp1.semisonic, gp1.supersonic, gp1.subsconic, gp1.lightspeed, gp1.warpspeed, and gp1.hyperspeed. You can buy these six plans for between 4.50 and 96 dollars. Why is DH a Linode alternative company? Each gp1 series plan of DreamHost comes with full root access to the server. Thus, you can host various applications on the company’s VPS servers. The company also enables you to purchase four VPS plans – Basic, Business, Professional, and Enterprise for 10, 20, 40, and 80 dollars. The VPS plans come with a free business email address.

Interserver Cloud

Interserver is one of the oldest companies on our list. It was founded in 1999. It is a highly experienced firm and has cheap hosting plans. Unlike HostGator, which offers a free Control Panel tool, it is optional to buy cPanel, Plesk, or Direct Admin licenses on Interserver. Direct Admin personal license is free, and the Standard licenses cost between 8 to 15 dollars. Interserver sells 4 cPanel licenses – Admin, Pro, Plus, and Premier, for 20, 30, 36, and 45 dollars per month. The hosting firm lets you buy Admin, Pro, and Web Plesk licenses for 11, 17, and 48 dollars. Interserver’s cloud plans start at 6 dollars and can cost 96 dollars.


I have used Linode in the past but switched to Hetzner for some reason. Hetzner is a renowned European firm with cheaper cloud hosting plans than Linode. Hetzner launched a data center last year in the United States. Thus, the hosting company has four big data centers right now. Two data centers are located in Germany, 1 in Finland, and 1 in the United States. Hetzner offers an online firewall tool and has a powerful DNS zone system. Hetzner offers more storage/RAM/vCPU cores than Linode plans with the same pricing. Thus, it is an excellent Linode alternative hosting firm.


Cloudways is a great option for you if you have sound knowledge of Linux and can spend a few dollars extra to get an optimized cloud server. Its plans are semi-managed, affordable, and offer highly optimized servers. Caching is enabled on Cloudways servers. On Linode, you must activate caching manually by tweaking the webserver configuration file, installing Redis, Varnish, etc, and configuring these packages manually. As your server is optimized, you can focus on business instead of technical things. Like the above two Linode alternatives, you can enable an SSL certificate for your site for free from the CW dashboard. You can raise a site transfer request and create unlimited email accounts on Cloudways for free.

Namecheap VPS

Namecheap, one of the leading domain registrars, sells many hosting plans. Right now, you can buy these two virtual private hosting plans from Namecheap – Pulsar, and Quasar. The Quasar VPS offers more RAM, a better CPU (more CPU cores), and more storage, and it is 2.22 dollars cheaper than the 4GB RAM VPS plan of its counterpart. Linode’s plan is priced at 20 dollars per month. Similarly, the Pulsar VPS plan of Namecheap has 2GB RAM, like Linode’s 2GB VPS server, but it offers a multi-core processor instead of a single-core processor. As in other companies we’ve shared above, the users get full root access to their Namecheap VPS. Optionally, you’re allowed to buy a cPanel or Interworx license for 9.88 or 12 dollars (per month).

So, these are the best Linode alternative hosting companies.


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