Porkbun vs Namecheap

Namecheap is a 22-year-old company, while Porkbun is a 7-year-old firm. It was founded in 2000. Porkbun began its journey as a domain registrar in 2014. The company has quickly emerged as a good alternative to other top registrars because of its competitive pricing. Namecheap is a renowned name on the internet. It offers various types of services. The ratings and reviews of both organizations are good on the internet but are the companies reliable? Will your domains be safe with the registrars? Which registrar charges less money for domain transfers, renewals, and registration? Let’s find it out!


.com: .com is the most popular domain extension. NC charges $5 to $10, while PB sells the TLD for 7 to 11 dollars.

.net: .net domains on Porkbun are available for $10.56. You can buy it on Namecheap for $10.58.

.org: .org TLD cost $8.88 on Namecheap, and Porkbun sells them for $7.63.

You can register 50+ types of TLDs with the companies. PB and NC users can activate domain privacy for their domains. When this feature is on, your personal details won’t be displayed to anyone who uses a WHOIS lookup tool to get your details.

Note: The price of TLDs may vary as the company sells them at a discounted price. During a sale, you can buy various types of domains from these two registrars at a heavily discounted price. The renewal fee costs more than the registration fee.

Shared hosting

Namecheap and Porkbun offer shared hosting services. Both firms have launched a bunch of plans for users who are looking for cheap shared hosting plans. Porkbun provides four plans – Starter Monthly, Starter Yearly, Pro Monthly, and Pro Yearly. The plans cost between $12 to $180 and offer 10 to 20 GB of storage space. NC sells the following three shared hosting plans – Stellar, Popular, and Stellar Business. The plans are priced between 2.88 and 8.88 dollars every month. NC lets you host 3 to unlimited sites on its shared servers and provides 20 to 50GB of storage memory. The non-stellar plans come with an automated daily backup service. No matter what your NC shared hosting plan is, you can enable the proprietary Namecheap Supersonic CDN.

VPS Hosting

Another type of Hosting Namecheap offers is Virtual Private Server hosting. The VPS subscription plans of the company start at 9.88. The costliest plan is priced at 19.88. Porkbun doesn’t offer VPS hosting service yet.


A marketplace is a place where you can buy and sell things. Both registrars have a marketplace section where you can list your domains for a price of your choice.


Namecheap and Porkbun users enjoy email, phone, and real-time chat support. No matter what type of support you choose, you’ll be satisfied with the help the support staff of the two firms provides to the users.


I’ve been using the services of Porkbun and Namecheap for more than a year. I haven’t had any major or minor issues with my domains yet, nor have I faced any difficulties in accessing my domains.


A domain is a very important asset for a website owner. To ensure that customers don’t lose it, the two registrars let you activate 2-factor authentication. Namecheap can send unlock codes to user-specified phone numbers. Porkbun supports mobile app-based 2-factor authentication i.e. You will have to run the application and enter the code the app displays when it prompts you to do so. Another good feature of this registrar is that whenever someone logs in to your account, the registrar immediately sends an email to the administrator (you). The email has the basic details of the user logged in to your Porkbun account.


Namecheap and Porkbun have a brilliant user interface. I would give 10 out of 10 to both registrars for their intuitive user interface. PorkBun and Namheap show the options to unlock, renew the domain, change/set nameserver, set up a basic redirect, and more in one panel. This makes things easy for anyone who owns or manages a TLD.

Closing words: As you can see above, Namecheap and Porkbun offer two main services – domain registration and hosting. It is very easy to register and manage TLDs/ccTLDs with these two companies. The price of TLDs/ccTLDs you can purchase from these two firms is cheaper compared to other registrars.


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