Bluehost vs Hostinger: Which service is better?

Shared hosting is the most popular form of hosting. It is used by people that don’t have technical knowledge and people who use open-source software such as WordPress, Magento, phpBB, etc. Many companies offer shared hosting services, but only a bunch of them are reliable, fast, and have nice support. Hostinger and Bluehost are considered to be reliable companies.

Bluehost is a year older than its counterpart and is currently the leading shared hosting service provider. HS is in the top 10 shared hosts list if we take the number of sites it hosts into consideration. Over 1 million sites are hosted on Hostinger servers, according to BuiltWith. According to the official BH website, over 2 million sites are live on BH servers. Is Bluehost hosting better than HS? Which company is more reliable among the two? Let’s find it out!

Plans and Pricing

Bluehost and Hostinger have three shared servers. A user can divide the servers into these two categories – single-site and multiple-site hosting. The single website hosting plan of BH is called “Basic”, and that of Hostinger is known as “Single”. These two plans are cheaper compared to other plans launched by the two companies. The firm offers 30GB of space and Bluehost provides 50GB of storage memory to the users of its cheapest shared web hosting plan. The bandwidth offered to users of BH Basic is unlimited. HS, on the other hand, has capped the bandwidth usage to 100GB. The Maximum number of visitors a site deployed on a HS Single site server can have is 10k. BH’s Basic server comes without such restrictions.

Now let’s have a look at the costlier plans of the two companies. BH Plus and Choice Plus are similar. The only difference between the two subscriptions is that Choice Plus comes with a free automated backup service, and the Plus doesn’t. HS Premium servers lets you host up to 100 sites. It doesn’t provide unlimited storage like Bluehost. Also, this plan supports 25000 visitors only. Sites hosted on Bluehost Choice Plus or Plus servers can have millions of visitors monthly.

The most expensive Hostinger shared hosting server i.e. the Business, also comes with a website traffic threshold. The sites hosted on the Business servers can have 100k visitors, and they get 100GB of storage memory for saving the site’s files or user-uploaded files. The bandwidth usage is unrestricted. Bluehost Pro offers everything the users of other plans get. The sites are powered by optimized CPUs, and the users are given a dedicated IP address.

Pricing table

Plan Name Pricing
Bluehost Basic2.95
Choice Plus5.45
Hostinger Single1.39

Custom theme

Bluehost enables its shared hosting service users to install and use custom themes its developers have built. Hostinger’s Single, Premium, and Business plans don’t ship with custom themes.

Spam experts service

Bluehost Spam Experts feature keeps unwanted emails away from the inbox. If spam protection of any type is not enabled in the email service, the inbox will be bombarded with 100s of spam emails. To remove spam, you will have to delete the emails one by one. Choice Plus, Plus, and Pro plans ship with the Spam Experts service.

Free domain

Both Hostinger and Bluehost have plans that ship with the free .com domain. You’ll save 10 to 25 dollars if you buy a hosting subscription from one of these two companies.


Websites that are hosted on Hostinger servers are powered by the LiteSpeed webserver. The company improves the website’s performance automatically by enabling the LiteSpeed Caching module for each site hosted on its shared servers.


Hostinger will create a backup of your site every week, no matter what your hosting plan is. Only Choice Plus and Pro plan users enjoy Bluehost’s backup service.


The users of Basic, Single, Choice Plus, Plus, Premium, or Business plans can activate CDN for their sites with the cPanel utility provided by the host.

Server resources

Hostinger has clearly mentioned the size of RAM and processor type that will be in use. The Single server has one core processor and 768 megabytes of RAM. The Premium plan offers a single-core processor and 1GB RAM. The Business server ship with 1536 megabytes of RAM and a 2-core processor. Bluehost has not revealed the exact amount of RAM or the processor type it offers to the users of its shared hosting service.

Closing words

Hostinger plans might be cheap, but the limit on website visitors is not a good sign for users who have big dreams for their sites or projects. Also, non-single servers offer just 100 to 200GB of storage memory. This is another downside of HS. As Bluehost has got no limit on the number of website visitors and as its non-basic plan comes with unlimited storage space, it is certainly a better host among the two.


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