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Bluehost, founded in 2003, is one of the three web hosting companies officially recommended by WordPress. For those who are not aware, WordPress powers over 40% of websites you will find on the internet. InMotion, founded in 2001, is a major company. It offers a variety of services at an affordable price. It is a competitor and alternative to BH.

If you’ve shortlisted InMotion or Bluehost for deploying your website and you’re wondering which company’s plans are worth the money, go through the following paragraphs where we’ve compared the shared/VPS and Managed WordPress hosting plans of the two web hosting companies:


The most popular service of InMotion and BH is their shared hosting service. These two companies have launched four shared hosting packs. The Bluehost Basic package offers 50GB of storage memory and enables you to host one website. It costs 2.95 dollars per month. The other three shared packages of BH i.e. Choice, Choice Plus, and Pro allow users to host unlimited sites.

The base shared server subscription of InMotion i.e. Core, is priced at 2.99 dollars/month. It enables users to host two websites and provides 100GB of storage memory. The remaining three packages of InMotion i.e. the Launch, Power, and Pro servers, support unlimited websites.

Excluding Basic and Core, each shared hosting plan of the two firms offers unlimited storage memory and unmetered bandwidth.

Core lets you create ten email addresses. The Pro, Power, and Launch servers allow users to create unlimited email IDs. IM servers are protected by software that scans files for malware infections. If the software finds that the file is infected, it will fix the file automatically.

Bluehost lets its shared hosting subscription users register a top-level domain at no additional cost. IM also offers a free domain but only to the subscribers of its Launch, Pro, and Power plans.

Optimized/Managed hosting

BH offers these three managed hosting packages – Build, Grow, and Scale that cost 9.95, 14.95, and 27.95 dollars, respectively, and support the hosting of 1 website only. Each pack has a traffic limit. The Build subscription has a traffic limit of 50000 users. The Grow and Scale servers have a limit of 150000 and 500000 visitors. BH managed hosting subscriptions come with free malware detection and removal services and are enabled with daily site backups. BH ships the Jetpack Premium/Professional plan with the Grow and Scale plans.

IM offers four optimized WP hosting packages – WP-1000S, WP-2000S, WP-3000S, WP- 4000s for 19.9, 29.9, 29.9, and 59.9 dollars. These four servers let users host 1, 2, 3, and 6 websites. The WordPress sites hosted on these servers are powered by the latest version of PHP i.e. PHP 8. The WP-4000s machines come with Jetpack professional plan. The WP-2000s and WP-3000s servers ship with the Jetpack personal subscription.

WP-3000s and WP-4000s servers have a dedicated Opcode cache pool. Each WP series managed server of the IM hosting service is enabled with Advanced caching. The performance of the cache is best on the WP-4000s server, better on the WP-3000s server, good on the WP-2000s server, and Ok on the WP-1000s server. The traffic of sites hosted on each WP series VPS of IM can have unlimited website visitors.


Bluehost has launched 3 VPS – Ultimate, Enhanced, and Standard. The Standard VPS server of BH has 2GB RAM, a 2-core processor, and is allocated 1 TB bandwidth. The Enhanced server has 4GB RAM, 2-core processor, 60GB SSD, and features 60GB SSD. It is assigned 3TB bandwidth.

The Ultimate VPS server of Bluehost has a 120GB SSD, 4-core processor, and 8GB RAM. It offers 3 TB bandwidth. The Standard, Enhanced, and Ultimate VPS plans come with 1, 2, and 2 dedicated IP addresses and cost 59.9, 29.9, and 19.9 dollars per month. BH VPS servers offer cPanel software, and users are given root access to the server.

InMotion has launched 4 VPS hosting plans. The servers have 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, and 8GB RAM and these servers cost 19.9, 29.9, 29.9, and 59.9 dollars per month. The server with 2GB RAM features a 2-core processor and has 45GB of storage memory.

The 4GB RAM server comes with 7GB storage and a 4-core processor. InMotion 6GB RAM server features a 6-core processor and 105GB SSD, and the 8GB RAM VPS is equipped with a 140GB SSD and an 8-core processor. Each VPS of the company ships with three dedicated IP addresses and a cPanel/WHM tool. These were the managed hosting plans of the firm. The firm also offers unmanaged VPS service. The unmanaged servers of InMotion have 1 to 32GB RAM, 1 to 8-core processors, 25GB to 640GB storage memory, and 1 to 7TB bandwidth. They are priced between 5 and 160 dollars per month.

Site migrations

InMotion and Bluehost offer a free website migration service to the subscribers of their plans. BH will migrate a site only if it meets its migration criteria. The two firms let users make website transfer requests from the control panel.

Website builder

InMotion gives users access to the WordPress-based BoldGrid website builder tool. This tool is available free of cost to the users of shared/VPS hosting services. It ships with 200 starter sites.

Bluehost has launched three dedicated website builder packages – Basic, Pro, and Online Store. These plans cost 2.95, 9.95, and 24.95 USD per month, and they let users build and launch unlimited sites. BH website builder features 300 templates. Like shared and VPS servers, BH offers a free domain to anyone who purchases its website builder plans.

Other features/options/services

  • One-click application installer.
  • SSH access.
  • Free SSL installation and activation.
  • Spam Experts.


The two firms offer customer support over the phone and email. Their website has the option to open the live chat interface with which a user can talk with the technical support staff of the companies. InMotion hosting plans come with a 90-day money-back guarantee. BH offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with its shared/VPS hosting plans.

Closing words: InMotion shared hosting packages offer more features than the Bluehost Pro, Choice, and Choice Plus subscriptions and are priced in the same range. The base plan of BH comes with lower storage memory than IM’s Core plan, but it provides a free domain. VPS servers of the two companies cost nearly the same.


Pramod is the founder of wptls. He has been using WordPress for more than nine years. He builds web applications, and writes about his experiences with various WP products on this site.

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