How to use focus keyphrase in WordPress?

If you’ve used or you are using a search engine optimization WordPress plugin, you may have come across the words “focus keyword”. What are these two words? You may want the search engine to rank your article or website page for some terms. This term is called the “Focus keyphrase or keyword”. SEO plugins ship with the focus keyphrase feature. Sometimes, you may want to target multiple search terms but the plugins may not let you do so until you buy its premium version. For example, Yoast, the most popular WordPress SEO plugin lets users optimize their posts/pages with a single keyphrase only. Rank Math is one of the top 3 WP search engine optimization plugins, as per its rating on This plugin lets you work with multiple keyphrases at a time but it will show the density of only the selected keyword only.

What if you don’t optimize your post with keywords? If you don’t use FK, your article may not rank for the keyword you want it to rank for in Bing, Google, etc. Most importantly, your site may not get traffic from search engines. If you’ve built a WordPress site with the objective of getting traffic, you shouldn’t ignore keyword research. Writing articles is time-consuming. Articles with thousands of words may take several days. Suppose a site has 100s of well-written posts that have the potential to bring massive traffic to the site but the post author doesn’t use focus keyphrases. Imagine how much time it would have taken to build such a website. Unless the author has published personal articles on his/her site, this site would be of no use to its owner.

While exploring the WP repository, you may find other SEO plugins that support multiple keywords but you might not want to use them because of the fear of losing rankings. What to do in the above situations? Use Focus Keywords Pro plugin.

Focus Keywords Pro

FKP is a lightweight WP plugin that lets you optimize your WordPress post with as many keyphrases as you want. It shows the keyword density of keyphrases in real-time so that you can keep the words at an optimal level. It doesn’t have any setting page or advertisements.

How to use Focus Keywords Pro? The plugin displays a box below the post editor. Inside the box, you will find a large textbox. You should enter the keyphrases separated by commas and click the post update or publish button to see the number of times the word has appeared in the post. By showing this number, FKP ensures that you don’t overoptimize your article with repetitive words and invite the Google Panda algorithm to slap your site with a penalty. You can use this plugin if you’re using Yoast or some other WP plugin that supports a single focus keyphrase only.

Conclusion: FKP is a great plugin to optimize your site pages with multiple focus keyphrases without spending a dime. It is very easy to use.


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