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Namecheap and Namesilo are on the list of the 15 top registrars with over 3 million domains under their management. NC was founded way back in 2000. NS was established in 2010. These two registrars not only let you register domains but also offer various other services. Is Namecheap better than Namesilo or vice versa? Which company has better shared/email hosting plans? Below, we’ve compared the services, plans, and features of the two companies.

User interface

Namesilo’s website has an ordinary interface, but the website is very easy to use. Namecheap’s site is not only beautiful but also simple and intuitive. Finding, registering, managing, and transferring domains with these two registers is easy.

TLD pricing and privacy

The pricing and reputation of a company are decisive factors in choosing a domain registrar. The price of domains on both registrars is on the lower side compared to that of Hover, GoDaddy, etc. The reputation and ratings of these two firms on the internet are good as well. Here’s the cost of registering a .com, .net, .org domains on Namecheap and Namesilo:

.com: Because of an ongoing sale, NC is selling .com TLDs for just 6 dollars right now. On on-sale days, you can get the TLD for a price of around 7.9 dollars. NS is selling the same extension for 9.95 dollars, but with the coupon wptls, you can get it for around 8 dollars.

.net: Namesilo sells .net TLDs for 11.99 dollars. On Namecheap, these extensions are priced at 10.98.

.org: This is another popular domain extension. If .net or .com is not available for registration, many people will get themselves a .org TLD if it is available. On NS, you can buy a .org TLD for 10.79, and on NC, you can get it for 8.88 dollars only.

In addition to the above TLDs, the two registrars let their users register .xyz, .store, .design, ,co, . online, etc TLDs. The two registrars let users activate the domain privacy shield for their TLDs at no additional cost.

Email hosting pricing

Namesilo has partnered with Google Suite and Titan to offer email hosting services. The company has launched three Titan email plans – Starter, Profesional, and Premium. The Starter plan is offered at no additional cost to the buyers of the Namesilo hosting plan. The Professional plan is priced at 1.49 per month, and it provides 10GB of storage memory. This plan is enabled with features such as email forwarding, email aliases, filters, etc. The Premium mail plan is priced at 2.99 dollars/month and offers 30GB of storage memory. Gsuite plans are costlier. Namesilo provides 3 GSuite email hosting plans – Business Starter, Business Standard, and Business Plus. These three plans will cost you 72, 144, and 216 dollars/year.

Namecheap, on the other hand, has introduced just three email hosting plans – Starter, Pro, and Ultimate. The Starter plan will cost you below 12 dollars every year. You will get a single mailbox account with 2GB storage for files and 5GB storage space for emails. Priced at 2.40 dollars per month, Namecheap’s Pro email hosting plan provides three mailboxes, 30GB storage for emails, and 15GB for files. The Ultimate plan is priced just below 4 dollars and offers a huge amount of storage memory – 75GB for emails and 30GB for files. NC lets you add additional mailboxes to your account. The extra mailboxes will cost you 0.41, 1.24, and 2.07 dollars, respectively.

Hosting plans and pricing

As of now, three shared hosting plans are available for purchase on the Namesilo website. The Starter, Premium, and Turbo shared hosting plans of Namesilo cost 2.99, 4.99, and 8.99 per month. They offer 20/40/60 GB storage memory and access to cPanel/website builder tool/1-click WordPress installer.

Namecheap offers these four types of hosting services – Shared, Reseller, VPS, and dedicated. The shared plans are priced between 1.58 and 4.80 dollars per month. The reseller plans cost between 19.88 and 54.88, and VPS plans will cost users 9.88 to 17.88. The dedicated plans are costlier compared to VPS, shared, and reseller hosting plans of NC. They are priced between 48 and 298 dollars per month.


Using the live chat system on Namecheap and NS websites is the best and fastest way to get in touch with their support staff. This system will connect you to a specialist within 5 to 10 minutes. Another way to contact the registrar’s support staff is by sending an email to their official support email ID.

Other popular services of Namecheap:

CDN: Content Delivery Network is one of the newest services of Namecheap. It was launched in 2018/2019.

SSL: You can buy Positive SSL certificates from the registrar for an affordable price.

Premium DNS: NC’s premium DNS service is reliable. It costs 4.88 dollars per year only.

Marketplace: On the registrar’s marketplace, you can buy or sell domains.

Excluding the marketplace, NS doesn’t offer any of the above four services we’ve mentioned above.

Coupons and discounts

Use the coupon code wptls while checking out on Namesilo to get an instant discount of $1 on registering a new domain or buying hosting/email service from the company.

With this special URL, you’ll get a 10 to 99% discount on registering a TLD or purchasing hosting/email from Namecheap.

Closing words: From the above paragraphs, it is clear that Namecheap has lower domain registration charges and more affordable hosting/email subscription plans than Namesilo. So, in my perspective, it is a more affordable service provider.


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