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GoDaddy is not only a leading domain registrar but is also one of the top hosting service providers. Hostinger is best known for its shared, VPS and dedicated hosting services. These two companies have been in this industry for more than 15 years and have hundreds of thousands of customers.

Are GoDaddy shared/VPS/dedicated plans better than that of Hostinger? What features do the two shared/VPS/dedicated hosting companies offer? Below, we’ve compared the plans and features of Hostinger and GoDaddy.


While traffic to websites hosted on GoDaddy can have unlimited visitors, Hostinger has limited traffic to the website by setting a threshold. Each shared server of the company comes with a traffic limit. The Single Shared server of Hostinger has a limit of 10000 visitors per month i.e. around 300 visitors/day. This plan is priced under 1.50 dollars, and as the name suggests, it supports one website only. The storage memory offered with this subscription is 30GB.

The Bluehost Starter is priced at 3.99 dollars, and it comes with 10GB of storage memory. As in the Single Hostinger plan, you can host only one website with the Basic plan. The Hostinger Premium server is costlier than the “single” server, but it enables you to host more than one website. The users get 100GB storage memory, and their sites are allowed to have around 600 visitors per day or 25000 visitors per month.

Bluehost Choice Plus and Plus servers have similar pricing, and they share 95% of features in common. GoDaddy Economy servers cost 5.99 dollars. Like Starter, this plan supports a single website only. Economy servers offer 25 GB of storage memory. Deluxe servers let you host ten websites, and provide 25GB of storage memory. It costs 7.99 dollars per month. The costliest shared servers of the two firms are priced at 12.99 and 3.95 dollars, respectively.

The other two servers of Hostinger don’t ship with free daily backup service, but this pack does, and the sites hosted on this server can have 75% more visitors i.e. 100K. The Ultimate plan costs more than the other three subscriptions, but the sites hosted on it have better performance. According to GoDaddy, the Ultimate servers offer a better processor for nice website performance. The fee you have to pay to subscribe to this plan is 12.99 dollars. The Ultimate server lets users host a maximum of 25 websites. The shared subscription of GoDaddy can have unlimited visitors, but they are costlier compared to the plans of Hostinger.

The Economy, Deluxe, and Ultimate servers of GoDaddy and the Premium and Enterprise servers of Hostinger ship with a free domain. GoDaddy also offers a free professional email package worth 23.98 dollars to the buyers of these subscriptions.


Hostinger has one of the most affordable VPS plans in the industry. The company has introduced 7 VPSes priced between 3.95 and 77.9 dollars, respectively. The 3.95, 8.95, and 12.95 dollar plans offer 1/2/3 GB RAM, 20/40/60 GB SSD, and 1/2/3 TB bandwidth. The 15, 23.95, 38.99 dollars VPS servers of the company ship with 4/6/8 GB RAM, 80/120/160GB SSD, and 4/6/8 TB bandwidth. The 57 and 77.99 dollar server comes with 12/16GB RAM, 200/250GB storage memory, and 10/12TB bandwidth.

GoDaddy, on the other hand, has introduced 4 VPS hosting packs. These four servers cost 69.99, 39.99, 19.99, and 4.99 dollars per month and offer an 8/4/2/1 core processor, 400GB/200GB/100/20 GB SSD, and 16/8/4/1 GB RAM. The plans offer unlimited bandwidth and 3/3/2/1 IP addresses. Hostinger offers a single dedicated IP address with each VPS plan it has launched.


GoDaddy has launched these four dedicated hosting servers – DS-256, DS-128, DS-64, and DS-32. The plans of these servers are priced at 399.99, 299.9, 169.9, and 129.9 dollars, and the servers offer AMD Epyc processors with different clock speeds. The servers have 256/128/63/32 GB RAM 16/16/4/4 TB storage. Users of these four servers are given dedicated IP addresses and cPanel access. These dedicated servers of GD ship with HDD. In addition to these four plans, the company has launched four dedicated servers that offer SSD storage instead of HDD. Hostinger doesn’t offer a dedicated hosting service.

Cloud servers

GoDaddy doesn’t offer a cloud hosting service. Hostinger has introduced three affordable cloud hosting plans – Enterprise, Professional, and Startup. These three subscriptions let users host up to 300 websites and carry 300/250/200 GB storage memory, 12/6/3 GB RAM, 6/4/2 core processor. Users can choose one of these five data center locations – Singapore, the United States, the United Kingdom, Lithuania, and the Netherlands.


Hostinger’s email hosting packs are grouped into two categories – Google Workspace and Titan. The Google Workspace plan is priced at 6 dollars per month, and it provides 30GB of storage, a business email address, and smart reply feature. The mailbox is protected by an antivirus and is enabled with a spam control function. You are allowed to create up to 30 email aliases. The Titan mail pack is affordable as it costs between 0.99 to 2.49 dollars only. The 0.99 subscription lets you create ten aliases and provides 10GB of storage. The 2.49 dollars enterprise plan supports ten aliases, and it offers 30GB of storage memory.

GoDaddy has launched these two cheap email hosting packs – Individual and Team. The plans ship with one mailbox and 15/25 GB storage memory, and they cost 1.99/3.99 dollars per month. In addition to these two packs, GoDaddy has introduced these 4 MS Exchange-powered plans – Email Essentials, Email Plus, Online Essentials, and Business Premium. The packs cost 3.24/4.69/8.49/11.74 dollars per month and offer 10GB/50GB/1TB/1TB storage memory. The Online Essential and Business Premium email service come with a free subscription to premium Microsoft services such as Office 365, MS OneDrive, etc.


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