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Spaceship is a subsidiary of the leading domain registrar Namecheap. I had ignored the company for many years as I didn’t know about its whereabouts. After learning that Spaceship is owned by Namecheap, I immediately transferred one of my expiring .coms to it. How has my experience with the company been? Does Spaceship offer any feature which its counterparts don’t offer? Let’s find it out!

As I have mentioned above, I have transferred one of mine .coms to Spaceship. The process was completed within how many days or hours? The transfer will be immediate if the other company releases the domain quickly. If not, it will be completed in 6 days. When the process has been completed, you will receive an email from the firm. In my case, the .com was under the management of Spaceship on the 5th day from the day I had initiated the transfer.


When you log in to your account, you will find a dashboard. The dashboard allows users to add shortcuts to pages they interact with often. Users can also change the position of the shortcuts by simply dragging and dropping them. The dashboard of this registrar has several parts. Each part comprises one or more widgets. Some of the parts and widgets are as follows:

Apps: Apps on Spaceship are nothing but small and useful utilities. The company allows you to add all or any of the 14 applications in this section:

  • EasyWP, hosting, transfer, SSL, connection manager.
  • User account, Advanced DNS.
  • security center.
  • Products and tools.
  • Domain list, portfolio.

Hosting: Like Namecheap, Spaceship lets users host websites on their servers. If you’ve bought a plan from the company, you can add shortcuts such as Hosting Manager, EasyWP manager, etc to this section. As of today, the firm offers shared hosting packages only. The price of the same starts at 28.8 dollars per year. If you’ve bought a package and click on the “manager” shortcut, you will see several hosting related options on a new page.

Domain: Once you purchase or transfer a TLD or a ccTLD, you will have to change the DNS or update your WHOIS information when asked by the registrar. This section gives you access to the DNS preset tool. It also lets you see the domain portfolio and change advanced DNS settings.

Email: The email subscription service of the firm is called “Spacemail”. Its pricing starts at 0.44 USD per month. If you’ve bought a plan, you can manage the same by clicking this widget.

Quick view: This section shows the payment sources you’ve linked with your account by default. You can add these two widgets to this section:

  • Account balance
  • Products in the account.

What is account balance? To complete a purchase quickly, you can add money to your account with this feature of the registrar.

Two factor authentication: For extra security of your account, Spaceship lets users activate email or app based 2FA. Several registrars hide the login information from the users but this one doesn’t. In the Security center section, you will find a tab called “Activity Log”. If you click this tab, you will see the following details of the user who has signed in to the website:

  • Date and time, IP address, country.
  • Device, action.

Notifications: This page is like the 2FA page but it has more information. You will find the past orders, messages from the company, last login details, and more. You can filter notifications data and also sort the entries by ascending or descending order of the date.

The Spaceship website allows users to change the language from English to Spanish. By default, it shows the price in USD.

What payment methods does the registrar support? To make sure that people across the world are able to use Spaceship services, the registrar supports the following payment methods:

  • Credit card, debit card.
  • Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay.

The company also allows users to add funds to their account with bitcoin. It supports these two Bitcoin processors – BTCPAY, and bitpay.

How much you’ve to pay ot buy ot transfer a domain to Spaceship? Whether you’re a new or an old customer, the charges of the .com, .net, .org, .ai extensions are the same.

ExtensionPricing in USD

In addition to the above extensions, the firm supports 100s of other domains. For example, you can register a .cloud, .fashion, .biz, .cool, .estate, .co, .catering, .dog, .credit domain.

The above price is after applying a discount. When you renew any product, you’ll have to pay the full price.


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