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Amazon has been working on making life easy for affiliate marketers by introducing new features to its affiliate program. For example, it launched native ads in 2018. These ads look like related posts. They look beautiful and don’t require any customization. To enable native ads on your site, all you have to do is put the native ads code on the page.

Amazon might be a US-based company, but it operates in various countries. The eCommerce giant has launched a separate website for each country where it operates. For example, the eCommerce giant operates the Amazon India website in India. Likewise, there’s a different portal for the UK, Brazil, France, etc.

A website can have traffic from other countries. Managing affiliate URLs from different countries would not be easy if your site gets traffic from various countries. To make the task of inserting or generating sponsored links easy or to make the page where you’ve inserted the URL more convincing or informational for the users, you can use one of the Amazon WordPress plugins we’ve shared below:



EasyAzon is one of the oldest Amazon affiliate plugins and one of the best out there. It has a simple settings page where you must put your Amazon associates API key, enter the tracking IDs, and set the default search locale. You can configure EasyAzon to open the sponsored URLs in a new window and add rel="nofollow" attribute to the links. EasyAzon can also display the product information in a popup whenever the user moves the mouse cursor on the product link.

Once users configure the settings, they must open the page where they want to add the affiliate link and click the “EasAzon” button on the sidebar. EA will open a popup. This popup has a form with a textbox to enter the product keyword/ASIN and a drop box to select the locale and set the product sorting condition. EasyAzon can sort products by the following conditions:

  • Average customer reviews, and featured items.
  • Newest arrivals, price, and relevance.

EasyAzon free version has basic settings. Its Pro edition ships with beautiful product boxes, an advanced sorting/filtering system, and lets you create comparison tables. It can also generate a list of best-selling products automatically.

Auto Amazon Links

Auto Amazon Links

Auto Amazon Links is better than EasyAzon and comes with plenty of options. You’ll find the options in these 11 tabs:

  • Associates, disclosure, embed, general.
  • Geotargeting, default, cache, misc.
  • 3rd party, reset, and opt.

AAL can automatically convert affiliate links into ones valid in the user’s region. To do so, it uses the IP database of four different providers. Auto Amazon Links enables you to whitelist or blacklist products by their ASIN, title, and description and supports custom disclosure. It can automatically add a link to the disclosure page to the disclosure. It generates a product’s affiliate URL automatically when you paste the product link into the Gutenberg editor.

AA Links ship with attractive Amazon buy now buttons. The buttons are created using CSS, and you can modify the CSS code to make the button look as per your requirements. AA Links lets you create ad units by product category, search query, etc. An ad unit may display multiple products or a single product.

You can configure AAL to insert the unit in a post/page or use the shortcode to place the unit manually. To make the product list look beautiful, you can set a template for the unit in Auto Amazon Links. AAL features a reports section where you’ll find a graph of API requests made by it.

Amazon Product in Post

Amazon Product in Post

APP enables you to create a product post with an add-to-cart button and an image gallery of a product on Amazon. Users can configure it to show the product’s price, features in the post, and the product above or below the content. As in regular posts, you can set a category for the post in this plugin.

APP uses the Products API to fetch the product from the eCommerce giant’s database. To ensure that it doesn’t make too many API requests in a short time, you can make the plugin cache the product’s data for a specific time. You can manage the cache entries in APP.

APP can show a custom message to the user if the product is unavailable for the visitor’s locale and display pictures of the product in a lightbox. It can also display a button on the product page. You can create a new button style or use an existing style in APP.



AffiliateX adds ten beautiful blocks that people who have monetized their website with the Amazon affiliate program will find helpful. You can enable the blocks you want to use in the post and disable the ones you won’t use. AffiliateX ships with the following blocks:

  • Button, Pros and Cons, CTA.
  • Notice, verdict, single product.
  • Speculation, versus line, specifications.
  • Product table, product comparison.

The above blocks are free. Below the list of free blocks, you will find the following premium blocks:

  • Top products, single coupon, coupon list.
  • Product tabs, product image, coupon grid.
  • Versus, singe product pros and cons.

Are the blocks customizable? Yes, they are! When you enable a block, you can insert it in the post. When you click the block in the post, you’ll find the block-related settings on the right side of the editor. In addition, you can configure the global settings for the blocks from the “customization” tab on the plugin’s Settings page.

These are the best Amazon affiliate WordPress plugins you can use.


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