Exabytes registrar pros and cons

Exabytes is an Asia based registrar and web hosting service provider founded in 2001. I transferred some of my domains to it last year after learning about its pricing. Below, I’ve shared the cons and pros of this firm:



Good support: Exabytes, like many other registrars and hosting companies, offer live chat and email/ticked based support. While creating a ticket, you are allowed to select the priority. If you choose the high priority option, the company’s support staff will respond in hours. Live chat is the quickest way to get in touch with the company’s tech team. My experience with the firm’s technical staff has been good so far. I’ve used the live chat tool and raised a ticket as well.

Completive pricing: TLD registration fee on Exabytes is cheaper than many of its counterparts and the transfer charge is in the same range. For example, you can buy a .com from this form for 9.9 dollars. The same TLD on Name.com is available for purchase at $12+. Interestingly, the transfer fee with this firm is lower than the registration charge.

ICANN: One of the first things to check while buying a domain is if the registrar is ICANN Accredited or not. According to this page, Exabytes is attributed by this organization i.e. Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. Thus, it is safe and trustworthy.

Timely reminders: Exabytes is the only company I’m aware of that sends an alert message when 60 days area left for the domain to expire. It can also autorenew the TLD if you’ve saved your payment information on Exabytes and have turned on the auto-renew option. If the renew option is on, the company will generate the invoice and send reminders of the due amount until you turn off the option or make the payment.

Account management: If you own a company, you can assign one or all of the following domain management roles to new users:

  • Modify master account/profile, View/Manage contacts, products/services, passwords.
  • Perform single sign-on, view/manage domains, view/pay invoices, view/accept quotes.
  • View/open tickets.


No two-factor authentication: Other registrars support phone number or app based 2FA. In case you don’t know, 2FA enhances the security of the accounts manyfold by making users enter a code generated by the application or 4/6-digit code sent to the user’s registered phone number. Unless the user enters the right code, the user won’t be able to access the dashboard. Exabytes doesn’t support two-factor authentication yet. You should thus enter a strong password whenever you change the password or create a new account on the website.

Website UI is outdated: Although the user interface of Exabytes is simple and easy to use, it looks old fashioned.

Slower outgoing transfers: Even if you approve the outgoing transfer when the request is made by the new domain registrar, Exabytes will complete the same in a week. If the TLD has expired, make sure you don’t initiate the transfer in the last week of the grace period to be on the safer side.


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