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HostGator, founded in 2002, is one of the largest hosting companies. It specializes in shared hosting and offers many other related services. SG was established in 2004, and it is one of the several competitors of HG. According to Wikipedia, Siteground is hosting over 2 million domains on its servers. HostGator has not revealed the number of sites it hosts, but the number can be big. These two companies are often shortlisted by users who are looking for cheap and reliable hosting packages. Are SG plans better than those of HG? What features do these two firms bundle with their subscription? Below, we’ve compared the features and plans of the two firms.


The single website hosting plans of Siteground and HostGator are StartUp and Hatchling. SG Startup costs 3.99 dollars per month and offers just 10GB of storage memory. The websites hosted on StartUp servers can have up to 10000 visitors per month. Hatchling is 1.2 dollars cheaper as it costs only 2.75 dollars per month. A website on Hatchling servers can have more than 10000 visitors. There’s no limit on traffic. Siteground and HostGator have launched two shared hosting packages that let you host unlimited websites.

Siteground GrowBig and GrowGeek machines offer 20GB and 40GB storage memory and support 100k and 400k visitors. They support staging and allow users to create up to 5 backups of the website anytime. These two plans will cost you 6.69 and 10.69 dollars per month. GrowGeek users enjoy priority support. According to Siteground, the GrowGeek and GrowBig servers are powered by an optimized version of PHP, which is 30% faster than the PHP installed on the StartUp servers.

HG shared servers that let users host unlimited websites are Baby and Business. These two subscriptions are priced at 3.5 and 5.50 dollars per month, and unlike their counterparts, which provide limited storage, Business and Baby servers offer unlimited storage memory. The Business server is 1 step ahead of all shared packages we’ve covered here. It lets users upgrade the SSL certificate from standard Let’s Encrypt to PositiveSSL and offers a dedicated IP address. A major difference between HG and Siteground shared plans is that no matter what shared plan you purchase from HostGator, you will get a free domain. SG doesn’t provide a free domain when you buy a shared hosting subscription from them.

Siteground Shared and Managed Hosting packages are the same. HostGator lets users buy these three managed WP plans – Starter for 5.95 dollars/month, Standard for $7.95/month, and Business for $9.95/month. The Starter server lets you host only 1 website and supports 100k visitors. The remaining two servers allow users to host 1+ sites and they support 200k to 500k monthly visitors.

Siteground and HostGator managed WordPress server features:

  • Expert WP support.
  • Free malware removable.
  • Free email.
  • Free domain (Only HostGator).
  • Daily backup.


Siteground has introduced four cloud hosting plans – Super Power, Business Plus, Business, and Jump Start. The Super Power VPSes have 160GB storage memory, 20GB RAM, and a 16-core processor. It will cost you 400 dollars per month. The Business Plus and Business cloud servers of SG ship with 16GB RAM, a 12-core processor, 120GB SSD, an eight-core processor, 12GB RAM, and 80GB storage memory. They are priced at 300 and 200 USD/month. The Jump Start cloud plan costs 100 USD, and it offers a server with 8GB RAM, 40GB SSD, and a 4-core processor.

HostGator has introduced 3 budget-friendly cloud hosting packages that cost between 4.95 and 9.95 dollars per month. HG Business cloud VPS costs only 9.95 dollars and provides a Hexa core processor, 6GB RAM, and unlimited storage memory. Hatchling cloud VPS, like the Hatchling, shared hosting plan, supports only one website and is priced at 4.95 USD/month. The Hatchling cloud nodes have 2GB RAM and a 2-core processor. The Baby cloud servers of HG have a quad-core processor and 4GB RAM. They are priced at 6.57 dollars every month. Only the Business cloud VPS of HG ships with a dedicated IP address.

HostGator’s cloud VPS comes with a local caching solution and they support these languages – PHP, Ruby on Rails, Python, CGI, and Perl. Users of HG cloud hosting are given access to cPanel and are allowed to create unlimited email accounts.

Siteground cloud hosting users enjoy free daily backup service. The company assigns a dedicated IP address to its cloud servers and also lets users activate Cloudflare CDN for their websites from the dashboard. It allows two or more users to collaborate/work on the same project (server).

As you can see above, there’s a massive difference of 90 dollars between the price of the 6GB cloud VPS of Siteground and HostGator. SG hasn’t launched a cloud VPS plan offering RAM < 6GB.


HostGator provides three dedicated plans – Value, Power, and Enterprise. The Value server features a 1TB HDD, 4-core Intel Xeon processor, and 8GB RAM, and it is priced at 89.98 dollars per month. The Power machines have 16GB RAM, 8-core 512GB SSD/2TB HDD, Intel Xeon D processor, and it costs 119.89 USD/month. Priced at 139.9 USD/month, the Enterprise server comes with an 8-core Intel Xeon D series processor, 30GB RAM, and a 1TB SSD. Siteground cloud hosting plans are an excellent alternative to HostGator’s dedicated hosting plans.


Closing words: HostGator offers cheaper shared and cloud-shared plans than SG. The dedicated hosting plans of these two companies are similar.


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