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You’ll find 100s of hosting companies on the internet. Among the plethora of firms, DreamHost is one of the three companies suggested by WordPress. The other two companies officially recommended by WordPress are Bluehost and Siteground. Hostinger’s plans are priced competitively. Thus, it is an excellent alternative to other hosting companies, including DH.

Below, we have compared the various services and packages of these two firms. Let’s find out which company offers cheaper shared/VPS/cloud/email hosting plans among the two.

Where are the servers of the two companies located? Hostinger has a data center in Lithuania, Indonesia, Netherlands, UK, US, and Brazil. DreamHost has two data centers in the US.


The shared subscription plans of both firms cost between 1.39 and 4 dollars. Hostinger has cheaper shared servers than DH. The Single subscription of the company costs 1.39, and DH’s base shared hosting plan is priced at 2.59 dollars. Its users get a free email account. The Shared Starter package users must pay 1.67 USD to get an email ID. Sites hosted on a shared Hostinger machine can have limited visitors (10k to 100k). The firm provides a free domain to users who purchase Premium/Business servers. Websites hosted on shared servers can have unlimited traffic, and you won’t get a free domain with any of the company’s hosting subscriptions.

The other two shared packages of Hostinger are – Business and Premium. The maximum number of websites a user can host on a Premium or Business shared server is 100. The Premium shared server has 100GB storage, and it costs 2.59/month. The Business shared plan offers 200GB of storage memory, and its price per month is 3.99 dollars.

DreamHost has two shared hosting servers. We’ve shared the details of the 1st plan above. The other plan of the company is “Shared unlimited”. This server supports unlimited websites and costs 3.95/month.


Hostinger is one of the few VPS companies that offer 5+ VPS plans. It sells 8 VPSes for a price between 3.95 and 77.99 dollars. The 3.95/base VPS has 1GB RAM and 20GB SSD. The 4 DreamHost VPS you can buy are Basic, Business, Professional, and Enterprise. The Basic VPS subscription of this form has a 30GB SSD and 1GB RAM. Why are the VPSes of DH costly? The VPS ships with cPanel, and Hostinger offers full root access. You will have to install and configure the apps, webserver, and database server yourself if you buy a VPS from Hostinger.

The remaining three VPS of DreamHost are Business, Professional, and Enterprise. These three plans are priced at 20, 40, and 80 dollars per month. The following table shows the configuration of the Enterprise, Business, and Professional VPSes:

Business60GB SSD, 2GB RAM
Professional4GB RAM, 120GB SSD
Enterprise8GB RAM, 240GB SSD.

The remaining 7 VPS of the company are named VPS 2 to 8. The base VPS is called VPS 1. The VPS 2/3/4 servers feature 2/3/4GB of RAM and ship with 40/60/80GB storage memory. VPS 5/6/7 servers pack 6/8/12 GB RAM and have 120/160/200GB storage memory.

You won’t get a free email ID with any of Hostinger’s unmanaged VPS, but you will get a dedicated IP address. DH VPS, in addition to offering a control panel, lets you create a free email address for your business.

Domain registration/transfer

DreamHost and Hostinger not only let you host websites but also enable you to register/transfer domains. .com, .net, and .org domains on DH are priced at 7.9, 10.9, and 11.9 dollars per month. The renewal fee for these domains is 17.9, 16.9, and 15.9 dollars, respectively, and the transfer fee is 9.9, 13.9, and 13.95 USD. Hostinger enables users to buy a .online, .net, or .com domain for 9.9, 12.9, and 0.9 dollars. A cheaper alternative to both these companies for registering domains is Namecheap and Namecheap alternative companies.

Cloud hosting

The Hostinger and DreamHost cloud hosting plans are cheap. The former company’s cloud servers are more affordable than the dedicated hosting of the firm. Their configuration is also better. For example, for just 9.9 dollars per month, you’ll get a machine with 3GB RAM, a 2-core processor, and a 200GB SSD. DH’s 2GB RAM server includes 80GB SSD and offers an additional 100GB block storage. This instance has 1-core vCPU and its price per month is 12 USD.

The DreamHost cloud server with 512MB RAM and 80GB storage costs 4.50/month. Interestingly, the 8GB RAM configuration of this company has the same storage memory as the 512MB RAM/1GB RAM server. This machine includes a 4-core vCPU, and its price is $48 per month.

The Hostinger Professional and Enterprise cloud servers have 6GB and 128GB RAM. They have 250GB and 300GB SSD and 4/6 core processor and cost 18.9 and 69.9 dollars per month.

Email hosting

DH sells a single email hosting subscription for 1.67 dollars per month. Hostinger has introduced three email plans – the Titan Email service powers two plans, and the other is powered by Google workspace. The packs cost between 0.99 and 6 dollars.

Support and documentation

DreamHost and Hostinger have shared various in-depth tutorials on their sites. They also offer 24 x 7 support. You can contact the support team with the help of email or use the live chat tool available on the company’s site to discuss the issue with the technical support executive.


Conclusion: Excluding VPS, the shared and email hosting servers of the two firms cost nearly the same.


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