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Ubersuggest was a keyword research tool before Neil Patel and his company acquired it. The tool got a complete makeover, and now it is more than a keyword research tool. It is Ahrefs alternative and also an alternative to SEMRush. SEMRush needs no introduction if you have a website and know the SEO concepts. Is Neil Patel’s SEO tool as good as it is, or better? Which tool is worth the money? Below, we’ve compared the two search engine optimization software. Find out which software is better.


Ubersuggest and SEMRush have a bunch of features in common. The two tools have a backlink checker, keyword rank tracker, and social media performance checker tools. They show the estimated traffic to a website, the number of incoming links, and the number of keywords a website ranks for and allow users to audit their sites.

Interesting features that SEMRush provides and Ubersuggest lacks:

Toxic domains: The software allows users to find harmful incoming links to a website. If your site has tons of toxic backlinks, you can find these links easily with it and disavow them.

Writing assistant: This tool lets you create SEO-optimized text content. It has text formatting options and can show the readability level, content score, etc.

Content audit: This tool enables you to find low-quality content on your website. To use this tool, you must connect it with Google Analytics. The tool will extract some data from GA, compare the same with its metrics and present the data in a better way.

Social media poster: The search engine optimization tool can boost social media traffic to a website by automatically sharing your website’s pages on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Post tracker: You can use this tool to track the performance of new posts on your or your competitor’s website. Post tracker shows the social media share count, number of backlinks the post you’re tracking has got, etc.

Backlink gap: This utility lets users find backlink opportunities by letting you compare the backlink profile of competitors and your websites.

SEO content template: This is another excellent utility. It analyzes the page ranking for keywords you enter in the SEO content template textbox and shows their vital details i.e. readability score, backlink sources, etc. If the competitor’s website pages have tons of backlinks, you may not want to use the keyword. Likewise, you can improve the readability score of your content if it is lower than the competitor page’s readability score.

Logfile analyzer: Log files may have important data. They contain the name/details of bots crawling your site, the time the bots or visitors opened your website, the errors humans/bots encountered, etc. The log file tool extracts data from log files you upload and displays them in its GUI.

Filters: Each report the software shows has several filters. You can filter the data by various conditions and sort columns with a click of a button.


Ubersuggest has launched three subscription plans – individual, business, and Enterprise/Agency. You can buy these three plans for 29, 49, and 69 dollars/month. Individual plan subscribers can generate 100 reports per day and support three projects. The users and Enterprise/Agency plan users can create 300 and 900 reports every day. They support 7 and 15 projects.

Ubersuggest’s crawler will crawl 1000 pages per week of sites added by the users of the Individual plan. The crawler crawls 5000 pages of websites added by Business plan users and 10000 pages of Enterprise/Agency plan owners’ websites. The Individual plan shows 2000 backlinks and lets you track rankings of 100 keywords per day. The business and Enterprise plans will let users see 5000 and 10000 backlinks of a website and monitor the rankings of 150 and 200 keywords.

Ubersuggest is the only search engine optimization tool I’m aware of that has launched lifetime subscription plans. The Individual lifetime plan is priced at 290 USD. The Enterprise lifetime plan costs 490, and Enterprise/Agency plan will cost you 990 USD.

Now, let’s have a look at SEMRush subscription plans. The SEO software enables you to buy these three plans – Pro, Guru, and Business. Pro and Business plans are priced at 99 and 374 dollars per month. The Guru subscription plan costs 191.6 dollars. The software lets users create and work on projects. The Pro and Guru plan lets you create 5 and 15 projects.

The Business plan supports 40 projects. It allows users to generate 3000 reports per day. This plan can show 10000 results per report. Pro users can track the rankings of 500 keywords, and Business plan users can see the rankings of a mammoth 1500 and 5000 keywords. The users of these two plans can create 5000 and 10000 reports every day and see 30000 and 50000 results per report.

SEMRush enables its subscribers to run their in-house crawler. Its bot will crawl 100000 pages per month of Pro plan users’ websites and 300k pages of websites of the Guru plan. The bot will crawl 1 million pages of the Business plan user’s websites.

Why SEMRush?

Ubersuggest’s bot can only crawl sites on demand. It uses a keyword database of third-party tools, while SEMRush has built its keyword/backlinks database and its bot crawls your website when you’re asleep. No one knows when its crawler crawls a website, but one can see the crawling activity in the raw access log. Also, no one knows when its database gets updated with new rows of information, but SEMRush users whose sites are being crawled by its bot can be assured that their site’s data will be updated soon.

Stale or old data is of no use. SEMRush found that one of my sites has 30000+ backlinks, and according to Ubersuggest, the same site has 14000 backlinks. The website’s estimated traffic data is close to the GA data. Ubersuggest shows 2 or 3 times more visitors than that displayed by its counterpart.

Ubersuggest might have a cheaper subscription plan, but its counterpart provides more data and tools than it does. This is why people who can afford the SEMRush subscription plan should buy the Pro, Guru, or Business plan.


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