Best KWFinder alternative tools

KWFinder is one of the many SEO software you will find online. Like other low-cost search engine optimization tools, it has some disadvantages and advantages.

Pros and cons of KWF:


Good database of Keywords: According to the developers of KWF, their app has a database of 2.5 billion words searched in 52 countries. The app lets users look up 100 to 1200 records every 24 hours and suggests 200 to 700 words daily.

Useful filters: With this tool, you can filter and discover various types of keyphrases within a few minutes. The application has a location and language filter.


Costly: KWFinder subscription gives users access to these four utilities – research, competitor research, tracking, and backlink analysis. The 48-dollar pricing seems to be a bit expensive for just four tools. If you go for the annual plan, you will get a nice 229.20-dollar discount on the Base subscription. The other two subscription plans are Mangotools Premium and Agency. The Agency pack costs 79/129 per year, and the premium plan is priced at 39.9/69 dollars.

If you’re using KWF for finding keywords but you’re not happy with results, or you don’t find the pricing appropriate, or you are using multiple SEO tools, and you’re looking for an all-in-one search engine optimization tool, you can use one of the following KWFinder alternatives we’ve shared below.

If you had bought the premium subscription of this software and the plan has expired, here are the three best paid alternatives to KWFinder you can use:



SEMRush, the SEO SaaS, features a rich set of useful search engine optimization tools, but its subscription plans are not cheap. It sells three packages – Pro, Business, and Guru for 99.95, 191.62, and 374.95, respectively. SEMrush is 60/58 dollars costlier than KWFinder, but considering the number of search engine optimization utilities it provides, the plans are worth buying. Like Mangotools KWF, SEMRush offers a free subscription that lets you use most of the functions for free, but the data you get access to is very small.

SEMRush offers five keyword related tools, including a keyword manager utility that lets you add search terms to a list. Once your list is ready, you can export the terms to a CSV file. While researching keywords on SEMRush, you can filter terms by CPC, intent, number of words, etc. You can filter the results by their monthly search volume and also see the related keywords. The tools are divided into these categories – SEO, Local SEO, social media, Content Marketing, Trends, and Agency Solution. Each category features 4 to 7 utilities.

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Ahrefs has a database of over a trillion backlinks. It is an excellent alternative to SEMRush. Unlike search engine optimization tools that source data from the database of Bing/Google, etc, its developers have built a bot that crawls the websites on the internet and updates the SEO tool’s database every day. If you go through the raw access log of a website, you’ll find many traces of Ahrefsbot.

Ahrefs is a bit more affordable than its alternative SEMRush and 40 to 50 USD pricier than KWF. It also offers a 2-month free subscription to the plan you purchase, thereby bringing the pricing down to 70.7 dollars per month. The premium subscription of this software gives users access to the following SEO utilities:

Tool name Use
Site ExplorerTraffic and backlink research. You can also see keywords.
Keywords ExplorerSee search volumes, get suggestions, filter search terms, etc.
Content ExplorerSee domain rating, organic traffic to top ranking pages, number of times the URL was shared, etc.
Rank trackerTrack the rankings of the search terms

Each utility mentioned in the above table offers many filters, and the data they display is accurate, according to Ahrefs.



An excellent alternative to Ahrefs and SEMRush and a great KWFinder alternative, Serptat’s base subscription price is just 26 dollars costlier than KWF’s Basic plan. The other four plans of the app are – Standard, Advanced, Enterprise, and Custom. The subscriptions cost 119, 239, and 399 USD/year. Compared to KWF, this software offers around 30 search engine optimization tools that enable you to research keywords, track rankings, see backlinks of any website, audit the website and see SEO reports with Serpstat extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera browsers, etc.

Serpstat provides four special utilities- quality control, clustering, text analysis, and missing keywords. It sources data from 14 Yandex and 230 Google databases with the help of an API. It also features a crawler tool that crawls websites and shows errors it finds on your website pages. Like SEMRush, Serpstat has a free plan. The free subscription gives you access to more data than the free plan of its counterpart.

Limits comparison (Ahrefs vs KWFinder vs SEMRush vs Serpstat base plans)

Feature KWFinder SEMRush Ahrefs Serpstat
Tracked keywords200 per day500500
Backlinks100k per month100k to 5 million10k per report
Keywords100 per day10000 results per report1000 per report and 25000 per month 4000 searches per day

If you were using the free version of KWFinder, you can use these free tools to research/discover/find keywords, track rankings, see backlinks, find the technical issues on a website, etc without spending a dime:

  • Google Keywords planner.
  • Google Trends.
  • Bing Keywords Research.
  • Yandex Keywords planner.
  • Yandex Webmaster.
  • Bing Webmaster.
  • Google Search Console

In the above list, the first four tools enable users to research/find/discover keyphrases. These utilities give you unrestricted access to a huge volume of data. However, they don’t have advanced filters like Serpstat, SEMRush, and Ahrefs.

Although the Webmaster tools make you aware of the top-ranking pages, see keyword positions, mobile-friendly URLs, pages with security issues, etc, they show fewer backlinks than the SEO tools we’ve shared above. They will only let you see the data of the website you’ve verified.

Closing words: These were the best free and paid KWF alternative software you can use. The paid tools are costlier than KWF, but they don’t ship with just 4 to 5 tools like KWF. Serpstat, Ahrefs, and SEMRush give you access to 20+ powerful search engine optimization utilities.


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