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Namecheap is one of the most successful registrars. The company started its operations as a registrar in 2000 and now, it offers many services such as shared hosting, CDN, etc. was a result of Tucows merging these three companies it owned – Domain Direct, It’s Your Domain, and NetIdentity. For those who don’t know, Tucows is one of the oldest internet companies. It was founded in the 1990s and has a revenue of 330+ million dollars. Which company has cheap .net, .com, .org registration charges – Hover or Namecheap? What kind of support do these two companies provide? Below, we’ve compared the two registrars.


HV and NC let their users register various types of domains, including country-level domains.

.com: .com is the world’s most popular domain extension. You wouldn’t find an internet user who doesn’t know any .com yet. Namecheap is currently selling .coms for 5.98 dollars, and Hover sells it for 13.99 dollars.

.org: These extensions are priced at 8.8 dollars on NC and 13.99 USD on Hover.

.net: You can purchase a .net extension from Namecheap for 9.18 USD and for 15.49 dollars on Hover.

Renewing a .com, .net, and .org TLD on the two registrars will cost you 15.99, 15.99, 14.99, and 13.48, 14.98, and 14.98 dollars, respectively.

Some registrars offer domain privacy as a paid add-on. The two firms enable free WHOIS protection for the user’s TLDs/ccTLDs at no additional cost.


Hover has the option to filter TLDs by their categories. When you choose a category from the list of categories displayed on the right side, it will show the extensions belonging to the chosen category. For example, if you choose the “tech” checkbox, Hover will show domains with the extensions – .host, .page, .site, .software, .cloud, .computer, etc. The results are filtered and displayed in real-time. Before displaying the search results, Hover will automatically remove the registered extensions from the list of extensions available for registration.

Namecheap features a powerful filter utility. The filter has the option to enable domain hacks, and it can automatically drop vowels from the domain you’ve entered. What is a hack? is not available for registration, but gami dot ng is available for purchase. You can configure the filter to show registered or unregistered TLDs. If you can buy an expensive premium TLD, you can choose the “Premium Domains” option displayed by the filter. When you do so, Namecheap domain results will include Premium TLDs available for purchase. Users can configure the Namecheap filter to show the available domains with the extensions they’ve chosen.

Email hosting

Hover offers two email hosting plans – Small Mailbox and Big Mailbox. Priced at just 20 dollars per year, Small Mailbox ships with 10 GB storage memory. The Big Mailbox costs $29 only, and it provides a mammoth 1TB storage space for emails. Frankly speaking, you won’t find an email hosting service provider that offers a 1TB mailbox for below 30 dollars. Despite being priced low, the email service of Hover supports email forwarding. Hover also offers a powerful email client so that you can read and compose emails. Its mailboxes are powered by an autoresponder function and are protected with an antivirus utility. In addition to these two plans, It offers a forward-only email plan that costs just 5 dollars/year.

Namecheap’s Pro and Ultimate email hosting plans offer 30GB and 75 storage for emails, and they cost 22.70 and 47.50 USD/year. They also offer an additional 15GB and 30GB storage memory for files. Pro and Ultimate plans ship with 3 and 5 mailboxes. The Namecheap Starter plan costs only 10.10 dollars per year and offers one mailbox with 5GB storage for emails and 2GB storage for files.


Hover users can chat with the technical support team in real time or call the number displayed on their website to get in touch with its technical support team. Users can also write an email to the tech support team. Namecheap users can either get help from NC support staff via email or by opening the live chat tool that will connect them to the support staff.


Closing words: Email hosting plans of both Namecheap and Hover are attractive and affordable, and the domain renewal cost is nearly the same. When it comes to registration, Namecheap charges 5 to 6 dollars lower fees than Hover.


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