Should you switch from Squarespace to WordPress?

Squarespace is one of the dozens of website builders you’ll find on the internet and is comparable to WordPress. If you have been using it for a while and you’re wondering whether it would be the right decision to switch from Squarespace to WP, go through the following paragraphs where we have tried to answer this question.

Here are the reasons why switching to WP isn’t a bad idea:

Squarespace is expensive

The plans of this website builder are costly. The base plan of the website builder is itself priced at 16 dollars. For 16.5 dollars per month, you can access thousands of premium WordPress products on ThemeForest. For less than 5 dollars a month, you can create unlimited WP websites if you buy an unlimited hosting plan from hosting companies such as Hostgator or Hostinger.

Good choices when it comes to themes

This is another big reason why you should switch from Squarespace to WP. Squarespace has a good page editor but not too many choices when it comes to themes. Its page editor will let you design pages, but many users would like to straightaway launch their site without wasting time customizing the pages. If you don’t find a perfect template in the mini template library of Squarespace, you will have to select a random template and customize it.

The WP repository has thousands of themes, including many high-quality, feature-rich themes. The list of good themes is big and includes Astra, Kadence, etc. A theme available in the WP repository may have paid-locked features. You can unlock the features by purchasing its license. Most paid WP themes costs between 20 to 70 dollars. A theme license can be one of these two types – one whose license expires after a year and the other whose license is valid for a lifetime. If you include the price of the WordPress theme in the sum you pay to keep your WP website live, the overall cost will be way below the sum you pay for a SS site i.e. 16 x 12 i.e. 192 dollars.

Many plugins

SS supports extensions, but its library of extensions isn’t as vast as that of WP. If you want to add a feature to your portal but the feature is unavailable in the extensions library, you have no option but to hire someone to write a custom code for your website.

Squarespace code block supports one of these web technologies – JavaScript, CSS, or HTML. WP plugin repository has 3000+ plugins of various types. You will never have to hire a developer to add a feature to your website because the feature might be available in one of these thousands of extensions.

Furthermore, SS doesn’t let you add a custom server-side code to your website. You can add custom PHP code to any page or file of the WordPress portal. What is server-side code? A code that will be executed on the server is the server-side code.

You can customize a WP site the way you want

WordPress Classic editor has some cons. It lets you work only with text content. The new WP editor i.e. Gutenberg, is flexible and lets you create attractive pages. Gutenberg’s full power will be unleashed when WP developers bring the full site editing feature out of beta. The full site editor feature was introduced last year. It is still in beta but may not remain so for a long time. Gutenberg ships with a bunch of blocks. Blocks are nothing but a module that you can add to a page. You can increase the number of blocks using a free Gutenberg blocks plugin. Like SS, you can add a custom code to your WP website.

You can learn something new

WordPress is a choice for users who don’t mind learning new technologies. Although learning the popular scripting language – PHP, is not compulsory, nor must you learn CSS or HTML to use WP, if you have spare time and learn PHP, CSS, and HTML, you can build custom websites from scratch and even add new features to the portal by building a WordPress plugin or adding custom code to the WP functions.php file.

From the reasons we have shared above, it is clear that WP is a better platform. Thus, if you’re having a Squarespace space, migrating to WP will save you money and let you build feature-rich and beautiful websites.


Pramod is the founder of wptls. He has been using WordPress for more than nine years. He builds web applications, and writes about his experiences with various WP products on this site.

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