Hostgator vs Hostinger: Which company has better shared hosting plans?

Hostinger was established in 2004. It owns the popular free hosting firm 000WebHost. The company’s popularity increased many folds after 2015 when it introduced new plans. Hostgator was founded in 2002. It is one of the leading and well-known shared hosting companies in the world right now. According to Builtwith, Hostinger servers host around 1.7 million sites, and around 2 million sites are hosted on Hostgator servers.

The two firms have attractive shared plans, and they compete with each other with their aggressive pricing. The former has 7 data centers. Its data centers are located in the UK, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Netherlands, and Lithuania. The latter has 2 data centers situated in the US.

Hostinger has introduced three shared servers – Single, Business, and Premium priced between 9.49 and 15.99. HG also provides three shared hosting plans to its users – Hatchling, Business, and Baby costing $2.75 to $5.25 per month.

Single website hosting plan

The Single shared server of Hostinger supports one website and 100GB bandwidth. It ships with one email account and offers 30GB SSD storage memory on the server. It supports 10000 website visitors. The Single server is available for purchase in four options – 1 month, 1, 2, 3, and 4 years. The 4-year subscription to the Single subscription will cost you just $1.95 per month. The two and 3-year plans will cost users 2.99 and 1.99, respectively.

Like Hostingler, Hostgator has a single website hosting plan named Hatchling which includes one free domain and ships with a free website transfer service. It doesn’t have a bandwidth threshold. Hostinger doesn’t offer a domain for free when you purchase its Single plan.

Multiple website hosting plans

Buying a web hosting plan that lets you host more than one site is a good thought. Imagine that you have built a single WP website and you have a server that will let you one website only. You work hard on the site, and its traffic increases. The site also starts making money for you. You want to expand your reach and grow your income by adopting the same strategy i.e. create another site and work on it. As your host supports a single site only, you will have to buy a new hosting subscription. You’ll end up paying extra bucks if you choose this strategy. Multiple website hosting plans cost 0.5 to 0.9 more than the single hosting plan. Thus, it is wise to choose a plan that will let you host more than one site at no extra cost.

The subscription of Hostgator that support hosting of more than one site are – Baby and Business. Priced at 3.5, the plan is similar to Hatchling, but it supports 1+ websites. The Business server ships with Free SEO tools and a dedicated IP address. You will have to pay $5.25 to subscribe to HG Business server. As in Hatchling, Business, and Baby plan users enjoy unlimited storage memory and bandwidth.

The Premium and Business shared servers of Hostinger let you host 100 and 200 websites respectively and they offer 100GB and 200GB storage memory. Like the Single subscription, the sites can have limited monthly visitors. Sites hosted on a Premium server can have 25k visitors, and those hosted on a business server can have 100K visitors. Is there any difference between Hostinger Business and Premium? Yes, apart from the price difference, there are a few differences between the two plans. The Business plan lets users activate CDN, and the users have access to daily site backups instead of weekly site backups.

Other features

SSL certificate: The two hosting companies i.e. Hostgator & Hostinger can activate an SSL certificate for the user’s site with a few clicks of a button. What happens when you enable SSL? The browsers will show a lock icon next to the website’s URL to indicate that the site is secure.

One-click software installer: With one click of a button, you can install WordPress and similar frameworks.

Great uptime: The uptime of servers of HS and HG is more than 99%. The average response time of Hostinger servers is 149 ms, and that of its competitor is 883 ms. For those who are not aware, the lower the uptime, the faster the website speed will be.

CPanel: CPanel is web-based software through which you can manage a website and a database even if you have no technical skills. It makes the life of novice users easier. The two companies have a great cPanel tool.

Which hosting is better?

We recommend Hostgator. HS has set a “traffic threshold” on each of its shared hosting plans. HG has no such limit. Its plans ship with unlimited storage space. As the site’s age increases, the size of its assets might increase. The assets include media files, theme files, videos you may upload, etc. The most expensive shared server of Hostinger provides 200GB of storage memory.


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